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My Chariot Card

This Charioteer rides a speeding comet. She has reins, but holds them lightly, as she is really controlling the comet with the power of her mind and intuition. She has control because she is in control of all parts of herself: mind/spirit, rational/intuitive. In fact, she doesn’t think of life as being broken into competing dualities, but sees all the “opposites” as part of one great whole.

There is only one comet (rather than the usual two beasts pulling the Chariot) to symbolize this wholeness.

She flies above the clouds of the earth. for she has mastered earthly things and is now beginning her journey into deeper spirituality (symbolized by the infinity of space.)

This is a computer collage -- composed mostly of bits and pieces of photographs and a few drawings that I found on the web and on CD’s I have. The basic idea for the image appeared to me as I was reading over notes I’d taken on the Chariot, and thinking about what my card should look like. It’s not exactly what I saw in my mind; for example, her hair and garment should be streaming behind her, but I couldn’t find the right images and I’m not good enough to draw them myself.

This is my first attempt at creating a Tarot card, and was done as part of the collaborative TDC Tarot which was organized through the TarotDeckCreation@ONElist community.


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Last updated Mon, Jun 12, 2006

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