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Margo Petterson - Song of Summer
Song of Summer
Margo Petterson
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Housewife's Lament

The sink’s stopped and the toilet’s not --
It’s running over the floor.
My two-year-old is at it again
Drawing stickmen on the door.
My husband’s late.
The meat’s too done,
The gravy’s getting too thick.
The water has boiled right out of the pot and
The potatoes are starting to stick.

Now the house is flooded,
The door’s all chalk,
The meal has burnt away.
But I don’t care!
For this has been
One of my better days.

Copyright 1969 by Donna Zelzer

List of Poems
Days in the Life of a Young Mother -- Four Poems
Housewife's Lament

Last updated Wed, Dec 18, 2002

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