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Emile Vernon - Three Graces
Three Graces
Emile Vernon
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Looking for good, kid-tested web sites to visit with your young child?

Want health and safey tips and news that will help you safeguard the well being of the children you nurture?

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Each issue will contain short items such as news bits, tips, and resources, all focused on infants and young children to age eight. Topics will include safety, health, crafts, books, toys, web sites for kids, and resource sites for parents.

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Nanny’s Notes
Index of Issues and Topics



Studies Link Lead to Delinquency and Lowered Cognitive Ability
Antibotics for Food Poisoning Can Trigger Dangerous Complication
Is the EPA Endangering our Children's Health?
Heat Stress Hard on Exercising Children
Kangaroo Mother Care and Premature Babies
Young Athletes Should Not Specialize, says AAP Report
Minute Amounts of Asbestos Found in Some Crayons


Two Jogging Strollers Recalled for Safety Hazards
High Lead Levels, Unstable Toy Bars and Detachable Toy Parts Prompt Recalls
AAP Releases New Home Fire Safety Recommendations
Choking Hazards Prompt More Recalls
American Playgrounds Dangerous
Infant Walkers, Children's Rocking Chairs, and Baby Phones Recalled
Young Children Safer in Booster Seats, Report Shows
Flying Dolls and Spinning Toys Recalled
Babies Loose Teeth Due to Faulty Design of Walker -- Recalls This Week
Breastmilk Increases Brainstem Maturation Rate in Preemies

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Tips and Tidbits


How Can You Protect Your Family From Lead Poisoning?
Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome
Dangerous Chemicals
Tips for Keeping Healthy in Public Water Areas
Facts about Breastfeeding and Breastmilk
Nutrition Tips for Young Athletes
Environmental Hazards in the Home: Radon


Holding Hands Can Save Lives
Summer Pool Safety
More Summer Safety Tips
Fire Safety Tips
Playground Safety Tips
Toy Safety Tips
Car Riding Safety Tips
Art Supplies Safety Tips
Tips on Buying Safe Furniture for Your Baby
Tips on Choking Prevention

Fun Things to Do

Things to Do With Your Grandchild
Leafy Summer Play House
Fun Things to Do With Your Baby: Birth to Six Months
Toy Corners and Craft Boxes
Easy Bubble Fun
More Things to Do With Your Grandchild
Art Ideas for One Year Olds

Other Information

Infant Potty Training

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Web Sites for Children

Pages to Print Out and Color
Kids Like Ours
Rainy Day Craft Ideas for Children
Rising Writers at Writing Corner
Sparky the Fire Dog
Safety Info for Kids
Bicycle Safety Tips for Kids
Becky's Campfire Songbook!
Arts and Crafts Web Sites for Kids
Alex's Paper Airplanes
Kids Domain

Books for Children

Another Fine Mess
Animals Showing Off
Are You My Mother?
Little Ballerina
Fish Out of Water
Glamorous Movie Stars of the 1950s Paper Dolls

Web Sites for Parents

Today’s Grandparent Online
The Alliance To End Childhood Lead Poisoning
National Fire Protection Association
Consumer Product Safety Commission's Playground Safety Publications
Toy Information Sites
Car Seat Informational Sites
The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Information on Hazardous Chemicals
Summer Safety Sites
Breastfeeding Sites
Attachment Parenting Sites
Baby and Child Product Safety Sites

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List of All Issuesspace holder News Items space holder Tips and Tidbitsspace holder Resources

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