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Color Their World - Safe! Articles on child health and safety, from Nanny's Place

Family Health and Safety Tips

Here are some general health and safety tips for all members of the family.

Safety Tips for Working Outdoors Lightning Safety If a Power Line Falls on Your Car Fleas

Safety Tips for Working Outdoors

Avoid Heat Stress
When doing outdoor work around the house in the summer, be sure to protect yourself against heat stress. Do the hardest work during the coolest times of the day, and plan rest periods for the hottest times. Wear broad-brimmed hats or use umbrellas to shield yourself from the sun, rest often, and drink lots of water before, during and after work. Don’t rely on thirst as an indicator of your body’s need for more water.

Watch Your Back!
Next time you need to lift something, stop and think about the job before you begin. Consider the size and weight of the object, the distance from the center of the load to your body, how high you need to lift it, and how it will shift while being lifted. Also take note of environmental factors, such as the surface you’re standing on and the temperature. While actually lifting, use your strongest muscles and avoid twisting as much as possible. If you must lift repeatedly, take short breaks to avoid muscle fatigue.

Where’s the Power Line Entry Point?
Before you paint, or do any other work on the outside of your home, be sure you know where the power lines enter the building. It’s usually near the electric meter, and may be at a point that’s served from overhead wires, or a box/pedestal served from an underground system. If you have an overhead connection, never use a metal ladder near it. If the ladder is moved or shifts and accidentally touches the wires, you could be electrocuted when a circuit is created between the wires, the ladder, you and the ground.

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Lightning Safety

Did you know that approximately one-third of all lightning-related deaths occur in open areas? Lightning bolts seek tall objects and good conductors, and a human standing in an open field is both. If you’re caught outside, get to a lightning-protected or steel-framed building; if none are close, lay flat on the ground in the lowest place you can find. Remember to stay away from trees, fences and metal objects; come down from hill tops, and get out of and away from water.

If you’re inside during a storm, unplug the television and only use the phone if absolutely necessary — lightning can travel through power and phone lines. Metal-framed beds are a safe place to sit, but don’t touch the frame. Be sure to have to have several flashlights and a battery-powered radio on hand in case lightening causes a blackout.

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If a Power Line Falls on Your Car

What should you do if you're in a car wreck, hit a power pole and the power line falls on the car?

If there is no danger of an explosive fire do not get out of the car until help arrives!!! If you must get out because you smell fuel and there is a possibility of an explosion or some other type of life threatening situation, then don't step out of the car -- jump!!! and roll on the ground. The idea is to disconnect yourself from the car before your feet touch the ground, preventing a possible circuit of the car, you and the ground.

For the same reason, if you ever witness or come across an accident where a power line has fallen on to the vehicle, do not touch the vehicle to help the accident victims. The best thing you could do is go for help or get to the nearest phone and Dial 911. Be sure to report that a power line has fallen onto the car, so preparations can be made to deal with this situation.

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Does your new home or apartment harbor unwelcome, but hungry, guests? Fleas can live for six to eight months without eating and may be lurking in carpets and moist crevices waiting for their next meal. And although they normally prefer animal blood to human, when they’ re hungry, anything is fair game.

It’ s a good idea to thoroughly vacuum the carpets, floors and corners of each room. Then throw away the vacuum bag. You may want to consider hiring a pest control company to inspect for fleas before you move in. If there is a problem, it can be treated much easier in an empty house.

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