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Excerpt from "To Weave a Spell"
Open my Heart, Open my Spirit
The Encourage Discourage Tarot Spread
The Idea Tarot Spread
What Does the Bible Say About Foreigners in Our Land?
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My Daily Bible Study - The Books I use
The Tarot Empress in the Whimsical and Fairytale Decks
The Whimsical Tarot High Priestess
Whimsical Tarot Magician: Puss 'n Boots
Symbolism in the Tarot and Elsewhere - You're Reading the Symbolism Archive
The Butterfly and the Tarot Fool
Zero and the Tarot Fool
The Symbolism of Animals in Tarot, Myth and Fairy Tales
Numbers, The Tarot and Symbolism
Another Tag Test Post
Oz, Tarot and the Scarecrow
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One (Ace): The Roots of the Beginning
The Fool Card from the Inner Child Tarot Deck
There's No Such Thing as Universal Symbols
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