My Daily Bible Study - The Books I use

For my daily Bible study, I read two Bibles and two commentaries, in this order:

  • The Devotional Bible, Experiencing the Heart of Jesus, Max Lucaco, General Editor. Translation: New Century Version
  • Eerdmans Handbook to the Bible, David Alexander and Pat Alexander, Editors
  • Nelson’s New King James Version Study Bible, Second Edition
  • New Bible Commentary G. Wenham and J.A. Motyer, Editors

The Devotional Bible is divided into chunks of one or more chapters each, with a short devotional message attached to each chunk. The devotionals are, for the most part, useful and uplifting, but sometimes I question what they have to do with the specific Bible passage.

I’ve been using The Devotional Bible’s daily readings as a guide for my own studies, reading the same passage in both Bibles and the associated comments in the other two books. I like to read The Devotional Bible first because the translation is in plain English and easy to understand. However, it does a lot of paraphrasing and misses out on some of the nuances that are found in more literal translations, like the NKJV.

I only have these particular commentaries because they’re what I had easy access to, so if you can recommend others, please do so.

Nelson\'s NKJV Study Bible

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  1. Word of God wrote:

    Thanks for Sharing. The Daily devotional bible is a must have for anyone that is set to take his/her one on one relationship further

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