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Susan Seddon Boulet - Journey Home (Psyche)
Journey Home (Psyche)
Susan Seddon Boulet
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Robin Koni - Unicorn Princess
Unicorn Princess
Robin Koni
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Magical Journeys

Does magic—real magic—actually exist, or is it just the stuff of myth, legend, fairy tales and fantasy novels?

At least some modern-day Pagans believe that magical energy is just another type of natural energy that we don’t know much about yet:

Magic is the projection of natural energies to produce needed effects.…
Contrary to popular belief, magic isn’t supernatural.… it is a natural practice utilizing genuine powers that haven’t yet been discovered or labeled by science.
Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, by Scott Cunningham

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What do I believe? My mind is open. Things do happen in this world that can’t be explained by conventional science; I suppose “magic” is a good a name for these as any.

This section of MoonLily will look at magic in all its forms: magic as practiced by indigenous cultures, both living and long-gone; magic as practiced by Pagans and other modern-day individuals; and magic in myth, legend, and stories.

Please share your ideas, experiences and insights. Possible types of submissions include, but are not limited to:
*overviews of magic in a culture
*a comparison of magic over two or more cultures
*overviews or comparisons of magic in fiction
*your personal experiences with magic, including spells you want to share
*poetry, chants and invocations

Even articles about why you think the whole idea is nonsense are welcome, as long as you don’t make fun of those who do believe.

Send your contributions to for consideration. Include each submission in a separate email message (no attachments) and include any information about yourself you think is relevant.

tiny moon Magic, Science, Religion and Art

Last updated Sun, Jun 11, 2006

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