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Breastfeeding Your Baby
Breastfeeding Your Baby
by Sheila Kitzinger, Nancy Durrell McKenna

Breastfeeding, a Mother's Gift
Breastfeeding: A Mother's Gift

Pamela K. Wiggins, Katherine A. Dettwyler

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Nanny's Says: Breastfeed Your Baby for at least a year!
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Nanny’s Notes is no longer being published.

Please visit my blog for more parenting and breastfeeding articles.

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Breastfeeding Links

Useful Products and Resources

Breastfeeding Products & Information--Breast Pumps, Pillows & Stools, Nursing Accessories and more, from Amazon's Breastfeeding section.

This Breastfeeding Doll cloth doll gives birth naturally and then breastfeeds!! She has doll friends who also breastfeed. This is offered for sale on the Get Attached Attachment Parenting site.

Why should I breastfeed my baby? plus a short faq, from Body by Breast Milk - infants' and children's clothing which promotes breastfeeding awareness and education.

Read about the Bosom Buddy nursing pillow and how it can help you and your baby.

Nurture III Breast Pump

Breastfeeding Help This website describes what a board certified lactation consultant can do for you, and what services she offers.

A breastfeeding site by White River Concepts, makers of the White River Breast Pump.

Breastfeeding training videos

Nursing Mother Supplies has Invisible Nursing Pads and 100% Natural Cotton Nursing Pads. "In addition, as a longtime Breastfeeding Consultant, I also provide the best Breastpumps. (And when a mom purchases a pump from me, she always has someone to contact with questions!)"

Scandinavian Design Nursing Pillow A new, Scandinavian design nursing pillow, which is odor free and made with materials and colors which are not dangerous to babies skin.

My Nursingwear offers a wide selection of nursing products to make breastfeeding easier, especially nursing clothes for today's stylish moms. It also has a Breastfeeding Questions and Answers section.

Nursing Mother Supplies

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Breastfeeding Information and Inspiration

Nursing Moms News


New BreastFeeding MOMs has articles, message boards, photos and more.

La Leche League International

Kathy Dettwyler, Ph.D. presents an anthropologist's views on breastfeeding. Fascinating material!

LactationsL Daily Inspirations for the Nursing Mother

Join us for a different quote, mother's story, news item or poem each day about the benefits of breastfeeding. Our goal is to encourage, support and celebrate the breastfeeding relationship.

A good collection of Breastfeeding resources from Sue Ann Kendall.

Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding Basics This site has message boards, articles, other mother's stories, products, a mailing list, links to other sites and more. Be sure to check out Hodge Podge, which is a collection of quotes, short anecdotes, poetry and other items, both inspirational and humorous.

Breast Milk or Formula: Making the Right Choice for Your Baby, an FDA consumer reprint

Benefits of Breastfeeding Home Page includes stories from women around the world on why they chose to breastfeed, the WHO Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes , an extensive food allergy elimination diet , as well as links to other great breastfeeding sites.. is especially for women who are pregnant and wondering about breastfeeding or fairly new to breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding the Hospitalized Baby was written to fill a gap in user-friendly information available to encourage successful breastfeeding of the critically ill, full-term baby. There are a number of suggestions intended to make breastfeeding possible in adverse circumstances, as well as several appendices that cover medical terms, the hospital hierarchy and the difference among lactation professionals along with ways to locate them.

BREASTFEEDING.COM has answers to any questions you may have about breastfeeding, and much more. You are giving you and your baby a wonderful gift by nursing. But it isn't always easy to start and keep at it. Come to to get the information, support and attitude you need to have a successful nursing relationship with your baby.

Christian Breastfeeding Web Page is a valuable resource for Christian families and promotes attachment parenting. This site does not proselytize, but shows how breastfeeding and AP are compatible with the Bible and the virtues and values of a Christian life.

Mothers Overcoming Breast feeding Issues Have you tried to breast feed unsuccessfully? Were your attempts complicated by long or short term separation after birth, previous breast surgery, milk supply problems, or lack of support? Mothers Overcoming Breast feeding Issues (MOBI) is an email support group.

Ted Greiner's Breastfeeding Web Site has several interesting papers and a collection of paintings on the theme "Mothers and Children."

Breastfeeding stories page is mainly loaded with more the 35 breastfeeding stories writen by nursing mothers.

The Working Cow: Web site for the breastfeeding working mother --Breastfeeding for a working mother is so different and statistics show that one major reason for weaning is the return to work.

IBFAN, the International Baby Food Action Network, campaigns to protect infant health through the implementation of the World Health Organisations International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. The IBFAN web site has information on the network and the full text of the International Code and subsequent World Health Assembly Resolutions.

Baby Milk Action Baby Milk Action is the UK member of IBFAN and also the coordinator of the International Nestle Boycott. Our web site is frequently updated with press releases, our Update and Boycott News newsletters, Campaign for Ethical Marketing Action Sheets and links to other sites.

Message about Non-standard Lactation

Bright Future Lactation Resource Centre

Extended Breastfeeding: Nursing Older Children

Why Nurse Toddlers? - Your Extended Breastfeeding Resource on the Web - the only site on the web devoted entirely to extended breastfeeding. Sponsored by Nurturing Magazine.

Extended Breastfeeding and the Law

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Other Information and Resources

Attachment Parenting International is a member organization networking with attachment parents, professionals and like-minded organizations around the world.

Nuturing Magazine has an extensive library of parenting articles, an excellent collection of links, and more.

Emphatic Parenting features excerpts from selected articles from The quarterly journal published by the Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Natural Child project has articles on attachment parenting, breastfeeding and more.

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Nanny’s Place Home Nanny's Notes Breastfeeding Corner For Parents Health and Safety Articles

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