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Review: Breastfeeding: A Mother's Gift

Author: Pamela K Wiggins, IBCLC
Publisher: L.A. Publishing Company, Franklin, VA
Cost: $9.95
Reviewed by Jana Young

Originally appeared in the Online Birth Center News(OBCNews) Issue 2.5, Jan 28, 1997

Breastfeeding, a Mother's Gift

As breastmilk has been called "liquid gold", so I would call this book a "golden nugget". Author Pamela Wiggens presents the reader with the nuts-n-bolts of lactation in a concise, easy to read manner. I truely love the first chapter, The Benefits of Breastfeeding, where she speaks of all the great reasons, for both mom and baby, to consider breastfeeding. The fact that this chapter is fully referenced, with many of those being current (1990+), adds even more to its value. Pamela goes on to explain how the breast works and includes many diagrams and photos to provide clarity to the reader. She includes what to expect in the hospital and during the first few weeks of the breastfeeding relationship. She also discusses problems both mother and baby may have, and aids that may be required for special circumstances.

As diet and nutrition are an important component of a healthy start at breastfeeding, Ms. Wiggens includes information on mother's diet, as well as information on baby's diet and the issues of food introduction and weaning. Since many mothers are forced to return to work, a chapter is devoted to working and continuing to breastfeed. Included in this is information on pumping and storing breastmilk. Other chapters cover common questions asked and information on where the reader can go for guidance and help. In the appendix, Ms. Wiggens provides us with sources for such things as breastfeeding aids, nursing bras and fashions, and recommendations of good books and videos. Of particular interest is a short article on medications and their use during breastfeeding, written by Dr. Thomas W. Hale, who is the author of Medications and Mothers' Milk. Dr. Hale covers the most common groups of prescriptive drugs, along with information on OTC medications and recreational/illegal drugs.

Breastfeeding: A Mother's Gift makes for a great gift for your favorite childbirth educator, pregnant friend, or even your local library. Author Pamela Wiggins brings to the reader many years of experience and knowledge on lactation and that living fluid called breastmilk. Beginning in 1973, when she had to seek out a LLL group 70 miles from her home, Pamela went on to become a LLL Leader, and, in 1985, she took the first ever offered IBCLC exam and has been serving the nursing couple ever since. Ms. Wiggens remains a member of La Leche League, International and is a member of the International Lactation Consultant Association. She is also a member of the Florida Lactation Consultant Association and the Tidewater Area Lactation Consultant Association. Ms. Wiggens also authored Why Should I Nurse My Baby, which is now availabe in Spanish, Creole, French, and English.

Jana Young is a mother of three breastfed children, wife to Stephen (but not the house!), a Bradley Method (R) Certified Childbirth Educator, and aspiring midwife.

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Nanny’s Place Home Nanny's Notes Breastfeeding Corner For Parents Health and Safety Articles

Last updated Sat, May 13, 2006

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