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tiny moonBreastfeeding Articles & Reviews

Breastfeeding and Feminism Resources

Is That OK? (Nipple Twiddling during breastfeeding)

Eating Out (Breastfeeding in public)

Review: Breastfeeding: A Mother's Gift

Russian Study Shows that Early Mother-Child Contact Lessens Risk of Infant Abandonment

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tiny moonChild Health and Safety

Seasonal Safety

Cold Weather Safety
Learn how to prevent hypothermia and frostbite and how to use sleds and toboggans safely.

Tips for Keeping Healthy in Public Water Areas
Waterparks, pools, hot tubs, spas, public ornamental or recreational fountains, lakes, rivers and oceans can all contain germs that can make you or your child sick.

Do You Know How to Protect Your Baby From the Sun?
Sunburn is dangerous for a small child, and can lead to increased risk of cancer later in life. Learn what you can do to to protect your children, and yourself, from sun damage.


RSV Disease
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the most common respiratory virus in infants and young children. Learn some of the risk factors and how to protect your child.

Vehicle Safety

Face to the Rear: Infant Car Seats
Learn how to choose and use an infant car seat. Also learn why a baby younger than one year should ride in the back in a rear-facing infant seat.

Boost Your Child's Safety with a Booster Seat
Did you know that children in adult seat belts are four times more likely to suffer from head, brain and other serious injuries than children who have been placed in car seats or booster seats? Read more about how to keep your young child safe.

Crib Safety and SIDS

Safety Tips for Buying a Crib
Do you know what makes a crib safe? How to buy or repair your crib so it won't endanger your baby.

Safety Tips for Preparing and Using Your Crib
Did you know that hardware intended to hold a crib together can break or come loose? Read about this and other safety tips for preparing and using your crib.

Blankets, Bedding and Crib Toys - Soft Isn't Always Safe
As many as one-third of the babies who die from SIDS each year may actually have suffocated after being placed on soft bedding. Learn the recommendations for safe bedding and also learn about crib toy safety.

Help Protect Your Baby from SIDS!
Information about some possible causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and what you can do to reduce your baby's risk.

Other Safety Tips

Balloons are Dangerous to Small Children
Did you know that balloons are one of the leading causes of child death by suffocation?.

Hazards of Mini-Hammocks
Mini-hammocks hang like a thin rope when suspended between trees, or on a deck or porch. And like a rope, they can strangle and kill.

Family Heath and Safety Tips
Three tips to protect yourself from heat stroke, back injury and electrocution.

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tiny moonOther Articles

Magic, Science, Religion and Art

God as a Hologram
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Breastfeeding space holderChild Health and Safetyspace holderOther Articles

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